Being stuck in a hospital room in the wee hours of the night, with rock a bye baby faintly playing on loop challenging my will power to stay awake is probably not the best way to spend a hiatus. For starters, I am losing… the challenge of staying awake. Wanting to sleep at night is a rarity since my body has its ways of making sure that what I want/need won’t materialize. That is…

Usual idle nights be like:
“Hey, it’s late. We best be sleeping right now.”
“Hell no! You probs should just watch MTV’s Awkward re-runs until the fresh ray of morning light makes you realize how you squandered a perfect opportunity of having a good night’s rest.”

And now that I need to stay awake, I can barely open my eyes. Fucked up.

Although I admit that my circadian rhythm is douchey at best, I can’t solely blame it for the misery I am currently withstanding. Had I been told that I’ll be looking after cousin Anthony during his pre-surgery overnight confinement, I would have hoarded all the hours I got and slept in the unbearably hot afternoon. But guess what, scheduling something in advance and giving me a bit of time to adjust weren’t exactly my relatives’ forte.

Whatever. Things that were important earlier are obsolete now. I’m far in too deep to even think of backing out. /wrist

A grown, logical person would most likely succumb to the tacky yet comfortable softness of a hospital bed under the right circumstances. And although the circumstances can never be any more right, I’m not one of the grown, logical individuals. See, I’m in a public hospital, and public hospitals aren’t exactly known for having the tightest security. You are your own guard, if I say so myself. If I took a risk and sleep, there’s a high probability that I’ll lose grasp of time and my surroundings. Add two and two together and we’ll probably get a  scenario involving my Mom causing a scene due to missing tablets and what not. A scene that is too intense for my little socially awkward self to process.

What can I do to shake off the lingering drowsiness in my system cause by my paranoiac tendencies. Should I roam around the hospital grounds and try to converse with the nurses? Maybe if I use my aegyo well enough, they’ll probably confide a secret or two, maybe even tell a paranormal experience. Perhaps I’ll do that since I so desperately need to stay up. If the odds are on my side, I might even encounter a headless nun speaking in tongues. Yeah, that will keep me awake for months!

(ps. the last few sentences are products of extreme sleepiness.)